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New True IT Labs website is up!  Please visit us at HTTP:// for the most up to date information!

VirtualEdge Systems, also known as True IT Labs, provides secure, online rental hardware resources so you can build your own IT labs that can 
Online Vmware Lab
be used for certification studying, work training, new technology training and proof of concept projects.  Having access to real, physical labs gives you real hands on experience and knowledge.

We are Vmware and Windows certified with over 10 years of professional systems administration and engineering experience so we are fully qualified to answer any questions you may have while you design, set up or work in your lab.

Our lab rentals are very affordable and are available in daily, weekly or monthly increments.  Please see pricing our pricing section below.

Customer service is our top priority.  We are available during business hours via cell phone, live chat or email.  Off hours support is available but costs extra.

Lab Rental Process Overview...
  1. Call us to determine your lab needs.
  2. Schedule your lab reservation.
  3. We connect and provision your hardware host, storage and network resources so they are ready when your rental period begins.
  4. Once your rental period begins, you can access the hosts directly through an iLO console session.
  5. You then connect your OS ISO media to your iLO session and begin to install and configure your lab.
  6. Once your OS is configured, if you want, you can let us know you are ready for RDP or VNC access and we'll configure it for you.

Some uses for our rental labs...
  • You need to studying for an IT certification
  • You want a lab but don't want to invest thousands of dollars to buy the hardware
  • You need an environment to test out how Vmware virtualization works
  • You would like to learn how Windows clustering services work but don't have the environment
  • You need a development environment for a short term project

Rental host hardware specs
Hosts = HP DL 360 G5 |  CPU = 2 x quad core Xeon 2.33Ghz  |  RAM = 16GB  |  NICs = 4 x 1GB  |  iLO Access  |
Local Hard Disk = 2 x 73GB 15k SAS  |  Array CardP400 Smart Array 256MB cache, RAID 0, 1+0, 5

Rental iSCSI and NFS Shared Storage
Have iSCSI and NFS shared storage presented to your physical server rentals to create Windows or Vmware clustered environments or just add extra drive space to a server and learn how iSCSI and NFS works.  The storage platform we use supports SCSI-3 persistent reservations which allow for Windows clustering and Vmware Vsphere 5 clustering.   
  • You can have 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500 GB LUNs created and presented to any of your rentals.

Rental Network
We use gigabit ethernet for both storage and client networks.  You can request to have up to 4 private, separate VLANs to use in your lab.  The seperate VLANs allow for Vmware labs to have separate Management, vMotion, storage, Fault Tolerance and heartbeat networks for best practice.  The same applies for clustered Windows labs. 
  • Gigabit ethernet
  • Up to 4 separate VLANs

Call us now to discuss your lab needs!  (513) 253-6919