Mac, Windows and Linux Laptop Rentals

VirtualEdge provides affordable used Mac and PC rental laptops. Do you need a Macbook for a day, week or month? Or maybe you need a Windows or Linux laptop for a couple days. Our laptop rentals are just what you need. We offer free delivery and pickup.  

If you are a Windows user, you can rent a Mac(or vice versa) to see how you like it. If you are Mac user thinking about trying out Suse Linux or Ubuntu, we got you covered.

To qualify for a rental you must provide proof of all three requirements and sign the rental agreement...
1. You must have a major credit card. Verify by showing the credit card with valid expiration date.
2. You must have a permanent home address. Verify by showing two pieces of mail with your name and address.
3. You must have a cell phone or home phone. Verify by answering a test call.

Price to rent a laptop...
1 day...............$15
1 week............$30
1 month...........$50

ID Specs  In Stock? Picture

Model: EMC - 2139   OS - Tiger(10.4.11) RAM - 1 GB CPU - 2.16 GHz Intel Core Duo HD - 120 GB Display - 13" CD\DVD Burner Wireless\Wired NICs   Yes 
Rental Macbook

HP Laptops
ID Specs  In Stock? Picture

Model - HP Pavillion DV600  Vista Home Premium SP2 RAM - 1 GB CPU - 2.16 GHz Intel Core Duo HD - 105 GB Display - 15" DVD\CD Burner Wireless\Wired NICs   Yes 


Dell Laptops
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Model - Dell Latitude D630  OS - Suse Linux 11.4 RAM - 2 GB CPU - 1.80 GHz Intel Core Duo HD - 30 GB Display - 15" DVD\CD Burner Wireless\Wired NICs   Rented Out Available on Sat 9/1/12 
Dell Rental

Contact us by text or phone during business hours at (513) 253-6919 or our Live Chat.