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Child Cell Phone Monitor
Child Internet Monitor is a VirtualEdge Systems company.  We are located in Cincinnati, OH but we service the United States via remote control over the internet.  Our goal is to help parents keep their children safe through the use of the best cell phone and computer monitoring software.  We continually research and test many different types\brands of computer and cell phone monitoring software so we know which software has the best features, is free of malicious software, and actually works as advertised.

Our service gives parents safe, effective, easy to use tools to monitor and control their children's cell phone and computer use.  Our current customers can't believe they ever lived without the ability to monitor their child's cell phone and computer usage.

Child Internet Monitor helps you protect your children against online predators, cyber bullying and harassment.  We provide installation right over the internet within minutes.  In addition to installation and configuration, we train you on how to use the software and get the most out of it. 

See what's included in our service and see how the process works below.  Call, text, email or use our live chat to talk with us today to see how we can help you start protecting your children online!

What's included in the service...
  • We either come to your home, or log in remotely over the internet, to install and test the state of the art monitoring software on your child's cell phone and\or computer.
  • We then configure the software to record the actions you determine like websites visited, text messages, gps history, etc....
  • After your software is set up, configured and tested, we give you a short training session to make sure you are comfortable with how it works and how to use it.
  • We provide technical support as well.

Child computer monitor
How much it costs...
Installation on up to three devices......$70.00

Monitoring software features...
Here are some of the activities you can monitor and control with the right computer monitoring software:
  • Detailed activity reports sent via email or viewed on a secure website
  • Website and Google search activity
  • Time schedule for computer use
  • Block computer games, applications and websites
  • All keyboard entry
  • Facebook, myspace, twitter and other account activity
  • Keyword alerts.  You can set up keywords that will trigger an email alert to you when they are typed on the computer.
  • Chat programs
  • Email activity
  • Computer games and applications used

Monitor child cell phone
Here are some things cell phone monitoring allows you to monitor and control:
  • Secure online web account allows you to view all of the reports in almost real time.
  • Receive real time notifications via email or text telling you of new cell phone activity
  • Software is hidden or not hidden from your child depending on which you choose.
  • You can lock the phone down for scheduled times so your child can only use phone numbers you allow during that time.
  • Block programs from being installed, uninstalled and run.
  • Block your child from calling certain contacts.
  • Block certain websites from your child.
  • Monitor text messages
  • View call history
  • View phone contacts
  • View real-time GPS location and GPS location history
  • View which websites have been visited
  • View camera pictures

We are here to help you protect your children against cyberbullying, sexual predators, harassment and any other threats in this very connected digital world.  Call, text, email or use our live chat to get started protecting your child today.