PC Repair and Services

VirtualEdge offers local professional, trustworthy home computer services.  When you choose VirtualEdge for your computer needs, you get world class customer service and exceptional technical expertise.  

Over 10 years of being an IT professional for multiple fortune 500 companies and health care providers gives VirtualEdge Systems the experience, knowledge and resources to diagnose and resolve any PC or server performance or virus issues within minutes.  Some times we can walk you through a quick fix over the phone and solve your issue within minutes.....FOR FREE!  Pick up and delivery for our customers is included in the service price.  

We are happy to advise you, answer your questions and provide any recommendations for no charge at all.  

If you require our professional services, most of them are a one time $70.00 charge plus parts.

Some of our services...
  • Website Service - Recommend and build a website for you based on your needs.
  • Computer Repair and Support Service - General computer support.
  • Virus\Malware Removal Service - We diagnose and remove the infection and save your files.
  • Migration\Upgrade Service - Upgrade to a new OS or just have your files migrated to your new system.
  • Security service - Provide a system analysis. Secure your PC, files and network.  Recommend security enhancements.
  • Backup service - Design a backup solution for you and then backup your your files.  Create a point in time backup image of your system for a complete restore of your OS and applications.
  • Networking service - Install a new wireless or wired network.  Recommend and install firewall, vpn and proxy equipment.  
  • System installation - Install a new PC or server for you.
  • IT Training Service - We provide one on one IT training for advanced concepts like MS Clustering and Vmware virtual infrastructure software.  
  • Home Lab Rental - Rent a physical server lab to study for a certification or learn new technology.  Our powerful lab equipment supports clustering and advanced computing.

Call or text us today at (513) 253-6919. Or try our Live Chat!