Business Computer and IT Services

VirtualEdge business services are focused on leveraging IT to improve your business and save you money.  Services like Vmware server or desktop virtualization, IT process automation, server backups, disaster recovery, server repair, server support, desktop support, desktop repair, software support, smart phone support, security, network services, and antivirus services help your business stay secure, run more efficiently and increase productivity.

VirtualEdge understands the importance of outstanding customer service.  Our world class customer service is what sets us apart from any other computer services company.  We talk with you and not down to you, about your computer needs.  Give us a chance to show you what true customer service is.

Some of our services...
PC, server services and support  
We support your current pc and\or server systems by patching, performing preventative maintenance, trouble shooting any issues or errors, and performance tuning
.....$70.00 per system

Mac Services and Support
In addition to supporting Windows PCs, we also support Mac products.
.....$100 per system

PC, server configuration and setup  
We will help you choose your  pc and\or servers depending on what it will be used for.  This way you are not buying resources you won't use.  Then we configure, build, test and implement it.
.....$70 per PC
.....$100 per server

Website Services
We guide you through the process of choosing a domain and purchasing the domain.  Then we help you choose and implement a website that you can manage yourself.  We have a basic service and then we have an advanced service where you can have a custom website built from the ground up.
.....$250 for a basic website.
.....$350 for an advanced website

Online Advertising and Marketing
VirtualEdge provides online marketing and advertising services for small businesses. Online advertising is a science that you can only learn by hands on experience.  We know how search engine and Facebook advertising works because we use it to grow our own business. See our Online Advertising and Marketing page for more information.

Network configuration and setup 
We install new wired\wireless network or support your current network.  we also trouble shoot and network or routing issues which may be causing network slowness or performance issues.
.....$70 for a new wireless install
.....$ Wired network prices very

Printer configuration and setup  
We install new printers or support your current printers.
.....$70 per printer setup

Refurbished servers and computers  
We sell powerful, dependable HP and Dell refurbished servers and computers at outstanding prices.  With over 10 years of experience, we know the best places to get affordable, dependable refurbished systems.
$ Depends on model, system resources and age

VCP Vmware Services
As Vmware Certified Professionals, we have the skills to build, manage and support any vmware server or desktop infrastructure.
.....$90 per hour

Data backup process creation  
We determine your recovery point objective and design\create backup processes to insure you can recover successfully from a system failure.
.....$100 per system

Data recovery  
We can recover deleted files from removable and non-removable hard drives.  Even some hard drives that die can have data recovered from them.
.....$100 per system

Virus removal  
We remove viruses and save your computer without loosing any data.  Then we isntall the best free AntiVirus on the market.
.....$70 per system

Google Cloud services 
We guide you through the process of setting up Google Cloud Business Apps.  This is FREE(excluding our service cost) for 10 users and under. These cloud services include secure intranet sites, websites, email, live chat, MS Office compatible document software like spreadsheets and word processors, cloud storage for you documents, shared calendars and more.
.....$100 for a new account setup

IT process automation  
We analyze your current IT processes and recommend ways to eliminate manual work by implementing scripts and other powerful software.
.....$ depends on scope of the project

Smart phone support  
We can backup or transfer current settings and files, install applications and recommend useful apps to make your life easier.
$70 per system

Remote access setup  
We configure your systems so they can be securely access by remote machines.
$70 per system

Security audit 
We analyze your current systems infrastructure and determine any obvious security flaws or holes and suggest ways to mitigate the weakness.
$70 per system

IT process assessment  
We look at your current IT operations and make recommendations on ways to increase efficiency and productivity.
.....$ depends on scope of the project

IT cost cutting  
We look at your current processes and suggest ways to cut cost while staying efficient and productive.
.....$ depends on scope of the project

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