VirtualEdge Systems LLC Customer-centric computer and IT services

Welcome to VirtualEdge Systems!  We are a customer-centric computer and IT services company.  Customer service is our specialty!  We provide services to both small business and residential customers onsite in Cincinnati Ohio, Fairfield Ohio, Hamilton Ohio and the surrounding areas.  We also provide secure remote services via the internet to any location.

Some of our services.... 
  • PC services, repair and support
  • Mac services, repair and support
  • Website services
  • Internet advertising and marketing (Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook)
  • Child cell phone and computer monitoring
  • Laptop rentals
  • Vmware virtualization services and support
  • Server builds, server repair and support
Visit our service pages on our main menu for more information.  Feel free to call, text or Live Chat us anytime!


Security Audits.  Computer and IT cost analysis.


Child Internet, computer and cell phone monitoring. 


We build websites!  Choose from thousands of professional, eye catching templates.



Online server and Vmware lab rentals.  Lab design available as well.


Server\PC upgrades, repairs, AntiVirus, patching and more.



Vmware and HyperV virtualization 
services and support.

Call or text us at (513) 253-6919.  You can also email or chat with us.  Click HERE to go to the contact page.